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The 10 Best Debt Analytic Review

10 Best Network LLC and the 10 Best Debt (DBA) team is made up of independent researchers. Our team has worked to create an algorithmic application which places debt consolidation companies based on a number of qualitative and quantitative ranking points. With the exception of some outstanding firms which are given month-by-month fee exemptions, positions on 10 Best Debt's lists are granted to companies which have entered themselves through our fee-based submission form located on our website at http://www.10bestdebt.com/firms/submit/. Fees are required to keep our platforms running, allowing us to continually search for high-performing companies in the industry, and they are vary based on the number of review hours spent on each company. The 10 Best Debt Analytic Review Algorithm includes services offered, client research, online research, customer reviews, previous accolades, traffic ratings, proprietary analytics, and variable registration fees, among other ranking resources, but ultimately...

The 10 Best Debt Ranking Criteria

The 10 Best Debt reviews and ranks the best debt relief firms based on a number of qualitative and quantitative ranking points. Rankings are determined using our 10 Best Debt Analytic Review Algorithm to analyze client research, online research, reviews, previous accolades, traffic and other SEO rankings, proprietary analytics, and other ranking sources, as well as variable payment of listing fees. Positions on the 10 Best Debt lists are granted only to those companies in our Debt Settlement Directory who have paid monthly listing fees. The payment of listing fees does not guarantee a company a specific ranking position, though it is a factor.

Be aware that despite our research and analysis, the 10 Best Debt Analytic Review should be considered to be strictly subjective opinions. The 10 Best Debt Analytic Review provides our team with an organized way to evaluate the firms which we believe to be among the top preformers and create an opinion based on that evaluation. It is impossible to define a clear cut best debt relief and debt settlement firm, as some companies are better fit for certain types of projects and there is no way to define any as the objective top performer.

Our research, analytics, and reviews lead us to our opinion of the Best Debt Consolidation & Settlement Firms. These reviews should be seen strictly as opinions, despite being based on research. In order to choose a company well-suited for your needs, YOU MUST perform your own due diligence in order to come to well-informed decisions of your own

As our process for analysis is how we differentiate The 10 Best Debt Analytic Review from other sites, our ranking system is carefully guarded secret and is to remain proprietary. With that in mind, we can disclose that our team enters details and statistics about each debt relief firm into our algorithmic program. The application allows us to sort and compare the companies based on individual or an aggregate of variables.


- We have not analyzed every debt relief or debt settlement firm in the world or even in America. The 10 Best Debt Analytic Review features only firms which have been submitted through our fee-based application process. While 10 Best Debt has included large numbers of debt relief firms in our directory, there are a great many which we have yet to analyze. Our goal is review the best companies, and we hope to perpetually allow our directory and analysis to grow as a result. If you have or know of an debt relief firm which you would like included, please submit it through our Submit Your Firm page.
- Although firms can be submited to our debt relief directory for free, companies seeking candidacy for 10 Best Debt ranking pages must pay a standard fee to cover costs involved with research, review, and analysis of the firm in questions, as well as overhead & marketing of our websites.

- Beyond the standard fees outlined on the Submit Your Firm page, 10 Best Debt also offer additional packages which are available to secure more review time from our team. These packages vary in price and can be seen on our Increased Review Packages page. This gives our staff more opportunity to find information about the submitting firm. To date, selecting a higher review package has effected ranking positions in both negative and positive directions; however, ON AVERAGE, companies have been able to achieve better ranking positions as a result of added review hours dedicated to that firm.*
*Adding research & review levels can, but will not necessarily, result in a better ranking.

- Not all variables included in our analysis are shown on this page or website, and each is assigned a different weight in the 10BD algorithm.

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The information on our site and on our Rankings are meant as a source of information for a visitors looking for our personal opinions. Visitors must perform their own research and investigation before engaging services with any company. User agrees to not hold 10 Best Network LLC and/or 10 Best Debt (DBA) and/or any members and/or any managers and/or any of our partners and/or suppliers liable from any decisions they make. Furthermore, 10 Best Network LLC and 10 Best Debt (DBA) is not liable for any statements, representations, descriptions, comments, or opinions posted on the Site. 10 Best Network LLC and 10 Best Debt (DBA) cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of Rankings as they are strictly opinions. Under no circumstances will 10 Best Network LLC, 10 Best Debt (DBA), or any third-party providers of the Rankings be liable in any way for any Ranking, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any Ranking/s, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the Ranking/s.

All rankings, advice, tips, and other information developed and posted by 10 Best Network LLC or 10 Best Debt (DBA) represent the independent opinion of 10 Best Network LLC and 10 Best Debt (DBA), and are derived by virtue of 10 Best Network LLC and 10 Best Debt (DBA)'s independent judgment, analysis, and subjective / objective criteria. By developing and posting such information, 10 Best Network LLC & 10 Best Debt (DBA) make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or factual basis of the rankings, tips, or otherwise. Users of the rankings hereby acknowledge and agree to perform their own due diligence in order to come to well-informed decisions of their own. The Users hereby acknowledge that the rankings are to be used as an instrument in making such decision, but should not be viewed as an authoritative end-all to any evaluations. 10 Best Network LLC, 10 Best Debt (DBA), and all associated sites will not be held responsible for the decisions made by its users or visitors.

10 Best Network LLC and 10 Best Debt (DBA) is an independent authority and is not affiliated with any public administrative firms, government entities, non-profit organizations, or otherwise related to any private parent or subsidiary companies that would otherwise undermine its impartiality in performing evaluations of various companies in this industry. 10 Best Network LLC & 10 Best Debt (DBA) has no financial or ownership interest in any of the companies which it ranks.

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